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    Chris Klug:

    I like tha sort of abstract nature ofd this image.

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    I made him take this picture for me. However, I still feel that he should’ve shared the first picture he took of this sculpture a few years ago. It’s much richer and far more beautiful. I told him to title this post, “The Importance of Light”…because the lighting really made this one look washed out while his first shot from his first visit is incredibly vivid and gorgeous.

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    Is the picture Carina is talking about.

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Further along the beach there is a beautiful view of the sound. The beach is teaming with Vancouverites enjoying the summer sun.

Also on the beach is a large piece of steel that is some kind of art piece, I think. I was sad that I couldn’t quite the red rust the steel has in the harsh sun.

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Image URL: http://www.mclaughlan.org/kaadian/vancouver-2/sunset-beach/