T-Bana Arriving 10th September 2011

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    Chris Klug:

    like this a lot. Were you leaning against a pillar?

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    You would be proud of me Chris. Manually focused my 50mm f1/2 on the sign, chickened out some-what and put it on f11 and stood waiting for the train to arrive. D700 is great at high ISO so it doesn’t matter that it is ISO 6400

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    I enjoy that there is a guy jumping in front of the train. Don’t do it, dude!

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    Now the question is Joe, deliberately planned or not ?

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    My time in Stockholm | Carinae L'etoile's polish stash:

    […] This is my Metro stop. The sign reads RÃ¥dmansgatan, but it’s pronounced “roadmossgotten” while you roll the R. Colin took a way better picture of the sign than I did. […]

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Mrs Kaadian and I went out and about in Stockholm. We had a very lovely lunch which was a burger in a tortilla with awesome yummy “Texas style” fries.

Then we went to the camera store which was already closed by the time we got there. I’ve kinda gotten used to things not being open very late so while disappointed I couldn’t browse their selection of second-hand Nikon lenses I was neither upset nor surprised.

Today’s picture is a shot of the train arriving at the RÃ¥dmansgatan T-Bana stop. BTW it’s pronounced Roadmansgatan, according to the lady’s voice doing the recorded announcements on the train. High speed shutter for the win ! This was the 3rd one in the sequence and was exactly where I wanted it to be, before the name plate but still enough of the incoming train in frame.

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