Train View 24th January 2011

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    Soo … I don’t want to appear demanding, but this was Jan 24. Where’s Jan 25 and Jan 26? And don’t say that they are experiments in minimalism.

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    Oh but you are of course being demanding.
    I was laid up in bed on Saturday and Sunday with the horrible flu-like bug that is going around. I believe you may have noticed some people at your work suffering from it ?

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This is the view from my seat on the Caltrain 231 north-bound as it waits in San Jose. Well the view is actually in colour and more often than not there is a train in front of that view. Today there wasn’t and as I had plenty of time before the train left I ran over to platform 5 and took this shot. And sure enough a few minutes later a train pulled in and obscured the view.

I particularly like the shape the space between the buildings makes. I think that is called “negative space” although not being trained in proper art and terms I could well be misusing the term.

Sorry about missing Saturday and Sunday. Been rather ill. But feeling a lot better now. Good enough to hit the swimming pool tonight, It was rather busy when I got there and I had to use what I refer to as “the big boy swim lanes”. It’s where the more proficient swimmers hang out and the water temperature is 2C below the back lanes. And boy can I tell the difference !

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