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As I was walking home one night, passing through the old-City with its small side streets and cobblestone roads, old church in the background, I thought, “these look very cool !”. So I tried taking some hand-held shots. But the pictures were too dark and didn’t really give the feeling of being there with the late night sun. So I decided to resort to that Photoshop trick of charlatans everywhere, high dynamic range or “HDR”. Now like you gentle reader I too hate the over-processed look that many, many HDR have. Also the “halos” around the edges just look wrong. Especially in areas of high contrast. So I tried hard to make these look realistic but at the same time evoke more of the feel of the location.

Please, let me know what you think ! Did I fail ? Do they still look too fake ? Would you have known they are HDR images if I hadn’t said ?

I really like the 3d effect of the cobblestones on this one.

I like this one for the signs hanging over the street and the lines drawing you in.

And the last one has awnings and windows and a bit more going on.

Did you like any of them ? Which one ?

Category: D700photography

Image URL: http://www.mclaughlan.org/kaadian/photography/d700-photography/stockholm-side-streets/