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The other day I wrote a mini-travelogue detailing my walk from my apartment to the office. You can see it here.

This is part 2, going back from the office to the apartment, through Stockholm at 3am on a summers night.

The first picture, above, was taken a little earlier than 2am, closer to 10pm, with balloons floating above the city. This was the view from my office. We got moved the start of this week and while still a great location, the new desk does not have quite the same dramatic view.

It’s weird being back in such northerly climes. I do enjoy the late nights in the summer and the early starts. Not sure how I am going to manage the transition to dark nights and dark mornings in October though. Ah well I will be done the first week in November so I won’t have to deal with the dead of winter.

Remember you can click any of these images to see a larger version.

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Coming out of the tunnelThis is the view across the water into the old city as you emerge from the tunnel. The one from black and white yesterday. There is a disco right behind where this was taken. Why there is a disco in the bowls of a 70s underpass ? Yeah I wondered that too. We will stop to one side of the white boat ahead and look back towards the railway bridge and across the water.

Another train !Once you cross the bridge you can look across the water and what, another train ? <click> now remember, it’s something like 2am as I am taking these pictures.


Church with men on bikesAt this point you have walked through the Old Town. Now I do have a few shots from there at night. But I want to talk about those in a separate post. I will update this with a link to that when I am done. We are going to cross the road bridge and make a right by the yellow building ahead.


Back across railway bridgeHere we look across the railway beidge and the pedestrian pathway along the side. Note the purple tinge in the sky.


Purple City HallHere we can see the City Hall and the boats that take tourists around the archipelago that Stockholm is built around, all bathed in purple twilight.

Bridge by City Hall

Bridge by City Hall

Here we are crossing yet another bridge as we approach City Hall. It’s late yet people, even young woman, are safe and comfortable walking and cycling to their destinations.

Late night funAs we walk along the water there are a couple of bars and restaurants that kick into high gear in the evening. Here we can see the phalanx of taxis as they await the late night customers. And more of the purple sky !

Wooden docks at nightThere was a shot from the other day that had people relaxing on the docks in the sun. Here is the same location, from the other side at night. And in the distance is the bridge that is our marker for how far we have to get home.

Park bridgeI didn’t show much of the park that I walked through. Most of the pictures I took started from where the park hit the water. This is the bridge over the park. And more of that mad purple sky.

Under the bridge

Under the bridge

Ah ha, yes another black and white. This is the view from under the bridge. Graffiti and lights and all.

Final Street

Final Street

And finally we are home ! Back in Kungsholmen. Apartment is just here on the right side. And look at that sky ! I swear that this is unedited. The 3am light really did look like that !

I hope you enjoyed sharing my walk home with me.

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