For I am Rex ! 5th February 2011

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    Carinae L'etoile:

    Rex does not seem too thrilled with his stint as a model for your lighting. Then again, he can be a little Grumpasaurus Rex!

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If you haven’t already been introduced, this is Rex. He is the most loveable of Caviler King Charles Spaniels. Go here if you would like more information on them. Apart from paying unswerving attention to any and all food in his vicinity, Rex as a loveable scamp. He is very well behaved in public and Carina has him trained, to a certain extent.

I got a couple of Lumiquest flashes and stands and soft boxes. This was my first attempt at playing with them. I know it’s not particularly exciting but the fact I was able to get them to remotely trigger with the D700 without a lot of hair pulling made me very, very happy.

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