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Mrs Kaadian and I had the pleasure of spending a day out in Uppsala. We were the guests of her friend, Gwen and her awesome husband Göran and uber cute baby.

We caught the train from Central Station and did not follow Gwen’s directions because we thought we were being clever and catching the next departing train. Which didn’t actually depart at the time it said on the board, which was very confusing. We also got on the allocated seating carriage which although there were no tickets on the seats to tell you they were allocated, people came on and shooed us away from their seats as they brandished what appeared to be seating confirmation printouts. Oh well.

Uppsala is 45 minutes ride from Stockholm by train and the trains are clean and efficient. And have wifi onboard !

As we walked from the old town towards the cathedral I saw this window and just had to stop and take some pictures. I tried converting to black and white but for this picture it did not work. And for once, no cropping, no straightening, this is right from the camera. (OK mostly, tell me if you figure out what the post-processing I did is)

More pictures to follow

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