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    Chris Klug:

    Ok, so what made you spring for the Fuji? Did you enjoy shooting a rangefinder?

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    Hi Chris,

    I had been aching for an X100 last year but they were almost impossible to get hold of in North America.

    When I was using the Fuji S2/S3 I always prayed for the day that Fuji would do their own system and the X Pro-1 with the features I liked from the X100 and interchangeable lenses seemed like a dream come true.

    It was Carina’s fault I bought it ! I’ve been holding out for the D800E but she knew I was getting a little obsessed. She dragged me kicking and screaming to “Looking Glass Photo” in Berkley. They happened to have one X-Pro 1 in stock so I bought it and the 3 lenses.

    Haven’t had much chance to use it as I’ve been mad busy with E3 prep, but, Carina and I are going to Vancouver next weekend (me for work but we are taking a couple of days either side for fun) and am hoping to give the X-Pro 1 a good workout then.

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    Chris Klug:

    Are you going to be at E3? I’ll be there.

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    No, I have been banished to Vancouver for E3 to keep a watchful eye over our web operations.

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Outside of the Peet’s Coffee, where we stopped for drinks, there is this fountain. It has an odd spherical design with water cascading off of it.

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Image URL: http://www.mclaughlan.org/kaadian/photography/black-and-white-photography/petes-fountain/