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    carinae l'etoile:

    You definitely had time to take pics in the 3 times you accidentally locked yourself out on the balcony. 😀 <3 <3 <3

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    I dunno how they can have an 8th floor balcony door that self locks!
    Or how I managed to do it 3 times …

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Our room had a pretty little balcony and I became slightly obsessed with the hotel across the way, the one on the right and was attempting to get a shot of the the straight lines. However I realized that with the other buildings around there were even more lines. So here they are.

I tried different lens combinations and interestingly enough this was the one that looked best. And it happens to be the Zeiss 28mm attached through an adapter.

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Image URL: http://www.mclaughlan.org/kaadian/photography/black-and-white-photography/lots-straight-lines/