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Visited my first ever Micro Brewery in India.

4 months of Kingfisher and Fosters and starting to have a hard time telling them apart put me in an enthusiastic frame of mind for trying something new. So Saturday lunch time I visited the Howzaat! Bar located in the Galaxy Hotel in Gurgaon.

It is a Cricket themed pub. “Howzaat” being the appeal made to the umpire when a bowler thinks he has got an out. (I won’t try and explain what an LBW is). It has lighting made to resemble pitch flood lighting, pedestals are clear acrylic filled with cricket balls and there are flags of cricket playing nations on the ceiling. Including Scotland (due to their impressive success at the World 20/20 tournament recently)

And they had real honest to goodness fresh brewed beer !

Unfortunately they only had the blonde left. But I was not to be deterred. A 1.5L pitcher and a couple of solid heavy frosted mugs was soon delivered. The beer had a clean fresh brewed taste, slight after taste but refreshing all the same. All of their beer names had a cricket theme. That of course I can’t remember.
Very reasonably priced, Rs. 125 for a 500ml glass and a 1.5L pitcher was Rs. 275. Tha’ts $2.50 and $5.60 for my American friends.

The pub was very well presented with leather “catcher gloves” for chairs, and gold and silver frilly scatter cushions for the quintessential Indian feel.
Lots of big LCD TVs scattered around. While we where there the India vs. Sri Lanka 2nd test started and they unfurled a large projector to show the game on.
They also had a good selection of veg and non-veg snacks and eats. Although the sampler platter that they said was for 4 people, well 2 of us polished it off with little problem. Oh one of the items was a Jalapeno Popper ! Cream cheese, jalapeno, breading, deep-fried, yum !

I will be back with reinforcements to try out their other beers.

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