Rescue Beauty Lounge Coral

On Wednesday, 12 December, 2012 by carinaeletoile

Rescue Beauty Lounge Coral is a cool toned coral that has pink undertones.

When this color was first released, I passed on it thinking that I don’t need a coral color. Nor do I want a coral color. Oh, how Rescue Beauty Lounge Coral proved me wrong. I saw swatches and then decided I must have it, only to be denied in a big way. It was sold out and it took forever for it to come back.

Lo and behold, Rescue Beauty Lounge Coral came back and I ordered it before I could even think about the repercussions. I didn’t care. I wanted. I got. I love. No regrets. Seriously. No regrets. I also ordered Starfish Patrick — swoon.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Coral was a bit thin and watery for my taste, but even the first application was super highly glossed. LOVE IT. I had to use four coats for this swatch, but I didn’t mind. Drying time was a bit slower than I would have liked, but the color is so flawless I didn’t care. It was worth the time it took for this.

However, I took my time in wanting to get it right and Mother Nature had other plans. The sun that I had in the morning faded within an hour. BOO. I ended up having to swatch with overcast weather. BOO.

As always, please right click on the image, choose Open in New Tab and then click once on the image in the new tab for the full-sized image.

Hope you enjoy the swatches.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Coral

Rescue Beauty Lounge Coral – shade

How pretty is this?

Rescue Beauty Lounge Coral

Rescue Beauty Lounge Coral – Overcast

Super high glossiness…and there is no top coat. The shine is pure Rescue Beauty Lounge. How awesome is Ji?

Rescue Beauty Lounge Coral

Rescue Beauty Lounge Coral – Flash

Finally, a flash shot! I thought the flash would distort the color, but it didn’t. It was very consistent, don’t you think?

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